About us

The Education Future is a unique scholarship fund which has been created by the scholarship winners worldwide. All the like-minded winners have come forward to fund the next batch of students with whatever they can contribute. This is a concept of giving back to the society for the cause of education, with a focus on building a brighter and smarter future.

The Education Future International Scholarship program was started in the year 2020. This is a highly competitive merit based scholarship. Successful scholarship winners of this scholarship belong to various parts of India, demonstrating great love and passion towards their field of study, aiming for the betterment of this planet. Beyond securing scholarship funds, the winners of the Education Future International Scholarship also get a certificate of appreciation from the Scholarship Committee.

The major aspect of Education Future International Scholarship is to identify talented minds who have a bigger vision for tomorrow and to honour them. We would want to treat all as one and never discriminate against any sections of the society. We believe that the right to the best education is the basic human right for every deserving student.