How will my scholarship application be assessed?

This is a merit-based scholarship, hence at all rounds, academic merit will be our primary assessment criteria. Nonetheless, your motivational paragraph will also be reviewed by the judges if you surpass our minimum academic criteria that is more than 60% in 10th and 12th.

How can I increase my chances of being awarded the scholarship?

There is no such special secret to winning this scholarship. But, as an overall, put some time and effort on to the Statement of Purpose which has to be submitted by the applicants. Please try to showcase it the best way you can. Be very clear about your thoughts and try to express them in a simple language. The more clear jury will be able to understand about you, the better it is. Also, if selected to the final interview round, the interview performance will also be crucial to decide the result of the scholarship. Note that the scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis and hence it is always advised to apply as soon as possible to increase the chances of winning.

How many scholarships are there?

As told, the number of scholarships varies each year and depends on the quality of applications we receive.

When do applications close?

The application deadlines for Education Future International Scholarship are as below:

Fall 2021 applications:

If your course start date is between 1 April 2021 and 30 October 2021

But, as the scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis, it is always advised to apply as soon as possible to increase the chances of winning.

Why are self-funding students ineligible for this scholarship? And why are those who take an education loan preferred?

As self-funding students are financially stable, we feel that it is important to financially support those students who are dependent on scholarships and education loans for their education abroad. In addition, as the value of this scholarship will not be able to cover the entire expenses of an abroad education, it is important for students to arrange the rest of the funds through an education loan.

What is the role of WeMakeScholars in this scholarship? Why is it mandatory to process your education loan via WeMakeScholars?

WeMakeScholars is the partner for Education Future International Scholarship 2020. They have assisted and facilitated the crowdfunding process from the past scholarship winners to arrange finance required for setting up this scholarship fund. As this scholarship cannot cover 100% of your expenses, students should apply for an education loan to cover the rest of the expenses. WeMakeScholars is considered as an expert in assisting students in securing the best education loan in India. They are an organisation funded and supported by the Ministry of IT, Govt. of India under the Digital India Campaign to offer unbiased support to the study abroad aspirants in arranging the required finance for their overseas education. Please note that they will not be charging any fee from the scholarship applicants for any of their services.